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I had to survive

Authors: Roberto Canessa,
Pablo Vierci


I had to survive

Being just 19 years old, Roberto Canessa had to go through one of the hardest tragedies that anybody could ever imagine. A second year Medical School student, he felt fortunate to have survived the crash in the Andes. In order to survive and assist his mates, Canessa and other teammates had to cross the mountain range in search for help, which beccame a really meaningful event in his lifetime. This book tries to tell a true story of hope, solidarity and ingenuity that contributes with a new inside perspective of the event. Canessa tells us how his life as a doctor usually meets what he had to experience in that moment.


This book is the story behind the movie: "Alive", released in 1993. It tells the tragic story of the Uruguayan rugbiers that happened in 1972. A plane, a mountain range, hostile temperatures and 29 survivors that have to find a way to stay alive. This book is based on real facts and interviews that were carried out with the 16 survivors.


Based on Piers Paul Read book; "Alive" is a book that tells us the story of flight 571 of the Uruguayan Air Force in 1972, based on interviews to the survivors featuring their own perspective. The movie narrates the story of the Old Christians Club rugby team, from Uruguay. The plane crash that happened on the 13th October in that year in the Andes mountain range. An aircraft that crashes in one of the largest ranges in the world and 29 survivors that have to find a way to survive hostile temperatures.

Alive: 20 years later

Documentary produced in 1993 that tells us about the life of the 16 Uruguayan survivors to the Andes tragedy which also narrates how their participation in the movie "Alive" was like.